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Project B2/3/4


General data about the project

The objective of B2/3/4 Project is to build a new INPP Solid Waste Management and Storage Facility (SWMSF).

The facilities will process solid radioactive waste generated prior to Unit 2 final shutdown (turn of 2009) as well as the waste formed due to INPP decommissioning.

Solid radioactive waste generated as a result of INPP operation at present is being stored in the interim concrete storage facilities on the territory of the power plant.

The Project includes two independent components to be implemented simultaneously: B2 (New Solid Waste Retrieval Facilities Design and Construction) and B3/4 (New Solid Waste Management and Storage Facilities Design and Construction).

The commissioning of the new facilities will enable to introduce at INPP the new solid radioactive waste management and storage system which will comply with new requirements of the Laws of the Republic of Lithuania, European Union standards and IAEA recommendations.

During the commissioning of new SWMSF:

Contractor: NUKEM Technologies GmbH (Germany). The Contract was signed on 30 November 2005. Contractual commissioning period – December 2009. The new date  set is June 2018. The beginning of the operation is planned for November 2018.

The project is funded by the Ignalina International Decommissioning Support Fund, managed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

Contract value: the initial cost of the Contract was 120 mln. Euro: B2 – 32.8 mln. Euro and B3/4 – 87.2 mln. Euro. The current Contract price is 191 mln. Euro: B2 – 50 mln. Euro and B3/4 – 141 mln. Euro

Current situation

INPP management constantly requires from NUKEM Technologies GmbH to follow work Schedule. Extended meetings (of stakeholders) are being held constantly to control how the implementation of the obligations undertaken by the Contractor to mobilize all available human, technical and financial resources to eliminate all existing project delays, is being performed.

At the end of 2016 has been agreed and signed a new addition to the Contract, which adjusted schedule for implementation of the project. Terms of the Contract termination remained unchanged (June 2018).

By the Project B2/3/4/ Contract amendment both Parties agreed on:

•          The set of final Project implementation schedule and milestones in the new Project B2/3/4 Program of Performance according to which the INPP will have possibilities to control the project implementation process. INPP will be able to perform monthly control of work and to assure duly and timely Program of Performance implementation by the Contractor;

•          Mother Company’s guarantee provision, assuring the Contract implementation in case of the Contractor’s withdrawal from the Project or failure to implement it;

•          Claims control procedure for unforeseen risks that may arise during the Project implementation.

The "Cold trials" of B2 RU2/RU3 and B3/4 Facilities were completed in April 2017.
On 9th June 2017 the "Hot trials" of B2/3/4 Facilities started.

The main tasks in 2018:



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