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2017-09-06 Ignalina NPP seeks to carry out a wider radiological characterization of radioactive waste

The State Enterprise Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant (INPP) must ensure that the radioactive waste is protected in accordance with the requirements of nuclear and radiation protection and take maximum measures to prevent radioactive contamination. Consequently, the construction and operation of storage sites and storage facilities for the storage of radioactive waste is a strategic aspect of the operation of the INPP.

In order to carry out a wider radiological characterization of solid radioactive waste, Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant intends to expand the possibilities of the radiological characterization facility of the radioactive waste packaging facility for surface radioactive waste storage facilities (B19 / 1 complex). The expansion of the capabilities of the facility's will allow to implement the radiological characterization of solid radioactive waste in different packages, record the waste, stored in additional waste sites and plan the waste disposal companies.

Surface repository buffer storage - a temporary enclosed area of ​​0.2 hectares with the installation of radiological waste measurement, transportation systems and temporary storage systems. The waste in this temporary storage facility will be stored until it is transferred to a future extremely inactive short-lived waste (also referred to as the "Landfill" type) facility. It is planned that the construction of the repository will be completed in 2019 in February. With the completion of the construction, the launch of a waste disposal campaign for waste stored in a buffer store (B19-1) and additional waste sites should begin.

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