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2017-01-16 The Ignalina NPP additionally has earned almost 2 Million Euro for Decommissioning Activity

In 2016, the SE Ignalina NPP (INPP) additionally earned 1.97 million Euro due to unnecessary property sale and other commercial activity.

For the purpose of unnecessary property sale, 36 auctions were organized. There were sold more than 4 thousand ton of various metal and equipment that additionally made it possible to earn 1.22 million Euro, sales of other property also helped to earn 0.53 million Euro.

“During the auction the unnecessary for enterprise equipment and property, accumulated during decommissioning projects realization and performance of dismantling works were sold. Since 2010, more than 38 thousand ton of unnecessary equipment were dismantled, the biggest part of which is going to be realized during auction after the final radioactive contamination test.  Such sales not only helps enterprise to earn an addition income, but also to minimize wastage quantity that was subjected for utilization and transportation to repositories or landfills,” stated INPP director general Darius Janulevičius.

Besides auction sales Ignalina NPP also earned income from other types of commercial activity.  In 2016, INPP additionally earned 220.4 thousand Euro due to other types of activity (27.2 thousand Euro owing to unclaimed enterprise property rent, 43.6 thousand Euro owing to railroad transportation services and 149.6 thousand Euro earned by providing other type of services).

Additionally earned means are going to be used for financing the realization of ongoing decommissioning works.

During the decommissioning process since 2010, INPP earned nearly 12 million Euro.

Natalija Survila-Glebova
Head of Communications
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