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2017-01-23 INPP Director General: Modifiable organizational structure makes organization and management of enterprise more effective

During the last few years, the organizational structure of SE Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant (INPP, enterprise) was changing. The main goal of those changes is to guarantee an effective enterprise’s activity planning and management, projects realization, as well as management of human and material resources.

“By taking into consideration our stated objectives, that is safely and efficiently perform the main INPP activity – decommissioning process, we are creating and implementing the measures, which can raise an effectiveness of the enterprise’s activity organization and management. One of such measures is to improve INPP enterprise’s organizational structure by transition from nuclear facility operating organization into decommissioning performing subject”, stated INPP Director General Darius Janulevičius.

On 1 January of this year, aiming to transform the process of repair, the Repair Service was established at the INPP, centralizing the enterprise implemented repair functions. This type of change will allow more effectively plan and organize the activity, rationally use available human and material resources, optimize the number of the personnel by taking into consideration the factual workload.

“The enterprise’s organizational changes have been ongoing for the last few years. Each change – is a process, when an organization proceeds from one state into another seeking to realize the scheduled goals. The INPP case especially matches this statement, as the enterprise’s performance and status have changed cardinally. The enterprise is financed by the EU, which demands from us to increase the company's decommissioning process and funds allocation efficiency. As one of the measures aimed at improving the efficiency of funds utilization, the European Commission recommends performing part of the work by means of outsourcing, that is to estimate which types of activities could be more effectively procured on the market, and which ones could be carried out by the internal resources of the enterprise. Therefore, we are obliged to organize the work, finances, resources planning, allocation and coordination processes transparently and accurately”, told us D. Janulevičius about an ongoing organizational changes necessity and benefit.

Seeking to implement the transition from the company's activity functional management to project management, in 2015 the Project Management Service was established. In the same year, the Activity Planning and Finance Department was founded helping to separate the activity planning and control functions from the activity implementation functions.

In 2016, new amendments came into force at the INPP related to the dismantling process transformation. Dismantling process planning and control functions were separated from the dismantling activities performance. This will help optimize and increase the efficiency during implementation of dismantling process activity.

It should be pointed out that using the experience of the personnel, the INPP implements a unique decommissioning project, within which constantly faces the new challenges and tasks that do not have analogues in the world practice. The enterprise's nature of activity changed on 31 December 2009, when the 2nd power unit was shut down.

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