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2017-03-02 A meeting of the general working group of representatives of the Ignalina NPP, Visaginas Municipality and the Public Council took place

On March 1, the third meeting of the general working group on resolving relevant questions of Visaginas's Municipality related to the decommissioning of the SE Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant (INPP) took place. The working group includes INPP specialists, Visaginas Municipality administration and Visaginas Public Council on Ecology and Energy representatives.

At the meeting of the working group, the process of implementation of main decommissioning projects was presented as well as spent nuclear fuel and radioactive waste storage issues were discussed. Particular attention was paid to the successful course of hot tests for Project B1 (Interim Storage of Spent Nuclear Fuel) and preparation for the hot tests under Project B2 /3/4 (Complex for Treatment and Storage of Solid Radioactive Waste), which is planned for June this year.
The INPP specialists answered the questions of the public council about the storage of spent nuclear fuel, the conducted radiation monitoring, etc.

The meetings of the general working group are held quarterly. Such a working tool will accelerate and facilitate the adoption of important decisions for the INPP region, will also help to acquaint the public and Visaginas authorities with the activities carried out by INPP more effectively, with achievements of the enterprise and decisions taken. The INPP is always ready to provide detailed and reliable information about the ongoing enterprise activities.

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