Sustainable development

Sustainability is perceived as an integral part of the activities performed by Ignalina NPP, therefore the implementation of strategic goals takes into account the principles of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, the United Nations Global Compact and the European Union's Green Course, as well as the guidelines of the national sustainable development strategy. The enterprise follows a holistic approach to the perception of sustainable development, therefore, in formulating strategic goals, the aim is to take into account the expectations of key stakeholders, including their different views and interests.

Ignalina NPP strives to ensure sustainable development and become a socially responsible organization, thus contributing to the creation of a sustainable society and a progressive state. Policy of the Corporate Social Responsibility of Ignalina NPP (), which aims to form the image of a transparent, environmentally and socially responsible company based on respect for human rights and the trust of stakeholders, identifies three main areas of sustainable development:

economic area  
transparent management, efficient use of resources, sound financial management
environmental protection
nuclear and radiation safety, reduction of pollution, responsible use of natural resources, application of technologies that reduce climate and environmental impact
social area
ethical employment, operational responsibility, cooperation with stakeholders