2103 project. Engineering and licensing for R3 and radioactive waste interim storage facility

The decommissioning activities of Ignalina NPP reactors are "geographically" divided into R1, R2 and R3 zones. R1 zone includes the upper equipment of the main circulation circuit, R2 zone is the lower equipment of the main circulation circuit, and R3 zone is the reactor core (graphite stack and surrounding metal structures with fillers).


The engineering and licensing documents for the dismantling of R1 and R2 zones are being prepared by the Ignalina NPP specialists, who will also implement the dismantling activities themselves (these activities will be undertaken under Projects 2101 and 2102).

The dismantling of RBMK reactor cores has never been done before and requires the development of an engineering concept, preparation, and licensing of technological solutions for both dismantling operations and waste management. These activities will be performed under the 2103 project and contractors will be used to implement the design work. In 2022, Ignalina NPP completed the public procurement and signed the contracts:

On January 11th, 2023 year, Ignalina NPP signed two contracts for the design services of reactor dismantling technologies with major companies in the global nuclear energy market: a consortium led by Westinghouse Electric Spain (a subsidiary of the US company Westinghouse Electric) consisting of Westinghouse Electric Spain SAU and Jacobs Slovakia s.r.o., and Lithuanian Energy Institute, as well as other consortium led by the French company Electricite de France, consisting of Electricite de France and Graphitech companies.

The French company Bureau Veritas Exploitation SAS has won the international tender launched by the Ignalina NPP on 15 June 2022 for the provision of consultancy services for reactor dismantling. The contract for the provision of project management and technical consultancy services was signed on 4 January this year for a period of 7 years, i.e., for the entire concept development, technology design and licensing phase. The maximum value of the contract is €9 million. The volume of consultancy services to be procured will vary according to the needs of Ignalina NPP.

The enterprise will provide advice on the management of the dismantling project in accordance with international best practice, guidance on the selection of the best option for the dismantling of the reactor core, key technical decisions to be taken, possible solutions to problems, etc. It will provide, as required, independent analyses of technical solutions, calculations, data, methodologies, and underlying assumptions proposed by the designers, as well as other technical and engineering support.

For contact information: e-mail: r3@iae.lt, phone: +370 386 29911, +370 386 28512.