2103 project. Engineering and licensing for R3 and radioactive waste interim storage facility

The decommissioning activities of Ignalina NPP reactors are "geographically" divided into R1, R2 and R3 zones. R1 zone includes the upper equipment of the main circulation circuit, R2 zone is the lower equipment of the main circulation circuit, and R3 zone is the reactor core (graphite stack and surrounding metal structures with fillers).


The engineering and licensing documents for the dismantling of R1 and R2 zones are prepared by Ignalina NPP Specialists. They will also perform the dismantling works themselves (this activity is carried out within the scope of Projects 2101 and 2102).

The dismantling of RBMK reactor cores has never been carried out, which requires the development of an engineering concept, the development of technological solutions for both dismantling and waste management, and their licensing. These activities are carried out within the scope of Project 2103, and contractors will be attracted to carry out the design work. Ignalina NPP plans to carry out public procurements “Engineering Services related to Decommissioning of Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant Reactors”. Within the scope of the planned contracts, a number of documents will be prepared and submitted to the interested parties for coordination, the most important of which are:

  • Conceptual Design;
  • Environmental Impact Assessment Report;
  • Technological Design for Dismantling Works and Safety Analysis Report;
  • Technical Design for Radioactive Waste Storage Facility and Safety Analysis Report;
  • Technical Specifications for Procurement of Equipment and Tools.

The Service Provider will have to assist the Ignalina NPP in answering and resolving the issues raised by the regulatory authorities, the public and other interested parties related to the key results of the Project. This assistance will need to be provided in the form of presentations, consultations, participation in meetings and the development of documents that need to be approved and / or agreed with regulators and interested parties.

Upon the initiative of the European Commission, a group of technical advisors will be formed to review the main results of the Project and provide recommendations to key interested parties (EC and Ministry of Energy). In addition, in compliance with the terms of the financing agreement, Ignalina NPP will have to conclude a contract with consultants who will provide assistance in Ignalina NPP Project and contract management issues in the Technical Support Group (TSG format) and, if necessary, provide technical consultations. For the procurement of such services, Ignalina NPP plans to carry out public procurement “Procurement of Reactor Decommissioning Project / Contract Management and Technical Assessment Consulting Services”.

It was planned that these two procurements would start in 2019, but due to the complexity of the Project, the preparation and coordination of procurement documents takes longer period than expected.