Private tours



OBJECTIVE: Can be used for both school-age and older persons who are interested in the history, operation, safety and basic decommissioning of the nuclear power plant.

LOCATION: The layout of the INPP unit, the layout of the fuel assembly, the layout of the spent nuclear fuel storage container CASTOR and the layouts of the short-lived radioactive waste repositories planned to be built will be inspected in the INPP exposition halls. A direct view can be observed from the reactor room, the turbine hall and the spent fuel storage hall. Educational videos (INPP history, construction, operation stages, radioactive radiation) can be shown as needed. Using virtual reality glasses, we present the ongoing stages of spent nuclear fuel management.

DURATION OF THE TOUR: ~ 1 hour, on working days.

TOUR PRICE: free of charge.

TOUR LANGUAGE: Lithuanian, English or Russian (as required).

NUMBER OF VISITORS: for individuals / families / groups up to 20 people.

ORGANIZATION: every working day twice a day - from 10 a.m. and from 1 p.m.

RESERVATION: please arrange arrival in advance by phone (+370386) 28193, (+370386) 29911 or e-mail:

ADDRESS: Elektrinės st. 12/1, Druksiniai village, Visaginas municipality (google maps).


We keep the right to take photos / videos during the tour, so you can be seen in photos and videos. Photos / videos can be published on the INPP website or on social network in order to inform the public and publicize INPP activities.