SE Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant Activity Areas

SE Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant Activity Strategy covers 2 main strategic activity areas as following:

  • Safe and Efficient Decommissioning of INPP

    Fuel can be unloaded from Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant Unit 2 RBMK-type reactor only after completion of Interim Spent Fuel Storage Facility. It is necessary to ensure the highest RBMK-type reactor operating safety requirements until and during the process of defueling.

    Dismantling of RBMK type reactors and related technological equipment and systems is performed for the first time in the world. The Enterprise seeks to ensure high-quality planning, safe decontamination and dismantling process using enterprise's personnel experience/qualifications in the most efficient way.

    In order to ensure the safe, timely and efficient implementation of nuclear power plant decommissioning projects INPP shall apply effective management systems and optimise the activities of the Enterprise.
  • To Join the International Nuclear Facilities Decommissioning Market and to Use Future Available Infrastructure for other Activities

    Ignalina NPP accumulates a unique experience that can be organized and applied to other nuclear energy sector projects through implementing decommissioning projects of the NPP with RBMK-type reactors. There is an opportunity both for the enterprise and highly qualified professionals to apply their experience and competence in providing similar services in other projects/nuclear energy sector.

    The enterprise operates in compliance with the Statue.