2206 project. INPP Unit 1 Turbine Hall Equipment Decontamination and Dismantling (D&D) Project license documents development, Project B9/1


General data on the Project

According to the Final Decommissioning Plan of the Ignalina NPP and the Ignalina NPP Decommissioning Megaproject, the main part of the Unit 1 (G-1) turbine hall equipment will be dismantled. Only transit system communications with technological connections to Unit 2 systems and common electrical systems, as well as systems ensuring normal operating conditions of remaining systems and buildings (heating, ventilation, lighting, fire extinguishing, drainage trap systems, etc.) will be used.

Key objectives of the Project:

  • Preparation of a package of technical documentation allowing to dismantle and decontaminate the equipment of Unit 1 turbine hall of , and management of the generated waste as efficiently and safely as possible;
  • Obtainment of a permit from the regulatory authorities of the Republic of Lithuania for the implementation of the planned activities; 
  • Provision of consulting support for equipment dismantling and decontamination.

Under the Contract, the Contractor prepared a set of documents, which includes the Technological Design, safety justification, Environmental Impact Assessment Report, Detail Design and other documents required for dismantling and decontamination works.

Upon implementation of Project B9/1,  about 16 000 tonnes of equipment will be dismantled and decontaminated in Unit 1 turbine hall, most of which consists of turbine and turbine system parts, pumps, fittings and pipelines (total length 15 000 m).

Contractor: Consortium consisting of UKAEA Ltd. (former United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority) - Consortium Leader (United Kingdom), Grontmij (United Kingdom), Ernst & Young Baltic UAB (Lithuania) Babcock International Group (UKAEA, United Kingdom), Ernst & Young (Lithuania), SWECO BKG LSPI UAB (Sweden, Lithuania). 

Initial Project price: 3 978 415 euros and 2 892 850 Pounds Sterling.

Actual Project price: 3 611 806 euros and 2 586 174.78 Pounds Sterling.

The final Project price is lower, as most of the licensing work, when eliminating comments, was performed by INPP personnel. Project management in the process of equipment dismantling and decontamination, which was initially planned to be performed by the Contractor, was also performed by INPP personnel.

The Project is financed by the Ignalina International Decommissioning Support Fund, administered by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.


Project implementation process

The Project implementation started on 22 November 2007. To date, all planned project works have been completed. Performance period of the Project is until 28 November 2013 (re-performance period). At the end of the performance period, the Project will be completed. The main objectives of the Project have been achieved:

  • Licensing documents (Environmental Impact Assessment Report, Technological Design and safety justification) have been approved by the Lithuanian authorities, the conditions of validity of the INPP Unit 1 operation license were amended by Order No. 22.3-105 of the Head of VATESI of 19 October 2011. Based on the included amendments, Ignalina NPP is entitled to perform dismantling and decontamination of Unit 1 turbine hall equipment (Project B9-1);
  • On 24 May 2012 the preparation of all project documentation provided for in the Contract was completed;
  • On 29 May 2012 the project documents were transferred to INPP archive.