2203 project. Preparation of INPP A1 Building Equipment Dismantling and Decontamination Licensing Documents

General information about the project

The main part of the INPP Unit 1 reactor facility (RI) and its auxiliary systems is located in Unit A1. After the final shutdown of INPP Unit 1 in 2004, most of this equipment is planned to be dismantled. After the initial dismantling of the waste, remove it from the unit building and bury it (if the equipment is contaminated with radioactive materials) or dispose of it.

The amount of equipment planned to be dismantled is 10.5 thousand tons. Contamination of the main part of the equipment with radioactive materials is high and as a result the processes of dismantling, decontamination, disposal and waste utilization are more complicated, as well as the processes of preparation of project documents, coordination with Lithuanian regulatory authorities and dismantling permit.

Only systems that ensure normal working conditions inside the building, as well as systems that are necessary for the dismantling of the A1 unit building preparation (heating, ventilation, lighting power supply, fire extinguishing, decontamination solutions, supply, sewage and rain sewerage, etc.) will be in operation. (full or partial).

Dismantling of other equipment, except for reactors, steam and water communications and lower water communications (dismantling is carried out according to separate projects) will be carried out according to the modification “Dismantling and decontamination of INPP Unit A1 equipment”.


The aim of the project

The objective of the project 2203 is the safe and timely dismantling of the A1 unit equipment and the primary treatment of the dismantling waste in accordance with the prepared project В9-3 (1) documents, taking into account the INPP Decommissioning Megaproject.

Project 2203 is the preparation of engineering documentation and licensing documents, according to which INPP personnel will perform dismantling of A1 unit equipment and systems and primary treatment of decommissioning waste, as well as decontamination.

The project will be implemented in 2 stages.

During the first stage, the dismantling of the following A1 unit equipment and systems will be carried out:

  • Unit A1 multiple forced circulation circuit, including main circulation pumps and their auxiliary systems, piping, and drum-separators, as well as purge and cooling system piping.
  • Control and Protection System Outline;
  • Reactor Emergency Cooling Systems;
  • Accident Localization Systems;
  • Evaporative (block A1) and  multiple forced circulation circuit overpressure protection systems;
  • Unit A1 technical water systems;
  • Electrical equipment - partial, control measuring devices and automation equipment - partial;
  • Miscellaneous auxiliary equipment;
  • Fuel reloading machines;
  • Metal structures - partial.

During the second phase, the equipment of the reactor hall, fuel storage pools and fuel unloading and reloading complex (excluding fuel reloading machines) will be dismantled. The project is being implemented in 2 phases because the reactor and fuel storage pool hall equipment is currently used for unloading fuel from Unit 1, and the use of this equipment is also planned in Projects 2101 and 2103 (decommissioning of the Unit 1 reactor facility) .

During the first stage, it is planned to dismantle 10.5 thousand tons of equipment, the second - 0.7 thousand tons of equipment.

Project scope

Project 2203 must include work in the following areas:

  • Preparation of project documentation;
  • Engineering studies, based on which the technologies of primary treatment (including decontamination) of dismantling waste will be selected (the results of the studies will be presented in the project documents);
  • Engineering research for internal decontamination of technological equipment
  • Coordination of documents with regulatory authorities and obtaining VATESI permit for dismantling of Unit A1 equipment and treatment of primary dismantling waste;
  • Procurement of equipment and necessary materials (carried out according to separate procurement projects, based on project 2203 decisions);
  • Preparatory work;
  • Dismantling of A1 unit equipment (performed according to separate modifications);
  • Primary treatment of dismantling waste;
  • Radiological measurements during dismantling and pre-dismantling waste treatment;
  • Finishing touches;
  • End of the project.

The design documentation package consists of the following documents

  • Project description;
  • Project management procedure;
  • Technical solution for dismantling and decontamination of INPP Unit A1 equipment;
  • Technological project;
  • Safety Analysis Report;
  • Environmental Impact Assessment Report;
  • Technological project for the organization of the primary treatment bar for dismantling waste;
  • Technological project of fuel reloading machine dismantling;
  • Project of works;
  • Other documents necessary for the dismantling and decontamination of equipment and systems.

The project description, the project management procedure and the technical solution are the documents that set out the scope, boundaries and implementation strategy of the project 2203.

Technological project, Safety analysis report, Environmental impact assessment report, Technological project of dismantling waste primary treatment bar organization, Technological project of dismantling of fuel reloading machine are documents coordinated with regulatory institutions - VATESI, Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania, Ministry of Health of the Republic of Lithuania. Based on these documents, the operating license for Unit 1 will be renewed (in connection with the dismantling and decontamination of Unit A1 equipment).

The design of works is the design and construction documents on the basis of which the preparatory work, dismantling of equipment, initial treatment of dismantling waste and final work must be carried out. The project of works is prepared according to the solutions of the technological project.

Engineering research is necessary in order to select the most optimal and targeted methods of dismantling and pre-dismantling waste treatment, and must be carried out in accordance with the prepared INPP program.

It is envisaged that the dismantling process will be divided into 27 zones in the project description and technical solution. Zones are formed on the principle of territory and similarities of radiological, physical and chemical conditions during the operation of the equipment.

Preparatory and final works will be planned in each zone (final works in one zone may coincide with preparatory works in another zone, for example, by moving equipment from one zone to another). Preparatory and final works for the whole project are also planned (eg - installation of buffer storage and pre-treatment points for dismantling waste, preparation of waste loading into special packaging sites, etc.).

Dismantling of equipment and pre-treatment of dismantling waste is carried out by INPP personnel (if necessary, contractors may be invited to perform these works).

The preliminary cost of the project is about 29 million. €. The project is funded by the Ignalina Program.