10,000 tonnes of equipment and structures dismantled in 2023

18 January,
10,000 tonnes of equipment and structures dismantled in 2023

The dismantling work at the Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant (the INPP) is progressing successfully. In 2023, IAE personnel dismantled 4.6 thousand tonnes of equipment and 5.2 thousand tonnes of structures, including reinforced concrete and metal structural components of buildings. The largest amount of equipment dismantled was approximately 1.9 thousand tonnes as part of the Reactor Process Equipment Dismantling and Decontamination Project. Approximately 7,800 tonnes of radioactive waste have been treated and cleaned and will now be auctioned as non-radioactive waste.

In 2023, the IAE continued dismantling the Unit 1 reactor components (R1/R2 zones) and the Unit 1 reactor process equipment, and successfully completed the dismantling of the Unit 2 fuel assembly reloading mashine. The dismantling of Unit 2 reactor components (R1/R2 zones), process equipment, and auxiliary process systems is planned to be authorized in 2024.

Since 2010, the IAE has dismantled approximately 90,000 tonnes of equipment and structures during the decommissioning period. As of now, 105,000 pieces of equipment still need to be dismantled.

Most of the dismantled equipment is being auctioned as scrap metal after passing the radionuclide contamination test. The INPP contributes to environmental protection by converting non-radioactive waste into secondary raw materials, which are then returned to the market. This also promotes the INPP's sustainability and reduces the amount of radioactive waste disposed of in landfills.

The remaining dismantled radioactive waste will be transported to the existing short-lived very low-level waste repository (B19) or temporarily stored on site until final disposal in other repositories.

Decommissioning and decontamination activities are performed by the INPP personnel. These activities are financed by the Ignalina International Decommissioning Support Fund.