Attracting young professionals in 2020

08 January,
Attracting young professionals in 2020

To ensure the smooth turnover of employees for the continuity of the enterprise's activities, the need for young specialists at State Enterprise Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant (hereinafter - INPP, Enterprise) is analyzed and assessed annually. It should be noted that the successful work in the Enterprise is ensured by the extremely low turnover of employees and exceptional loyalty to the employer. According to the data of the 1st of January, 2021, 1,800 employees with an average age of 53 years are currently working at INPP. After analyzing the distribution of employees by age in detail, we can name the need for young specialists in specific statistics - over 56 percent of the Enterprise’s employees fall into the age category of “56 years and older”. In five years’ time, the Enterprise will need young professionals with university technical or engineering education and workers with secondary education.

During the period of 2019 - 2020, the Enterprise employed 63 young professionals. They started working in the following structural units of INPP: Activity planning, Radiation safety, Project coordination, Public procurements and contracts, Personnel, Mechanics and repairs, Laboratory research, IT, Financial management and other. Most of the young professionals were hired by the Dismantling department (28 specialists).

Comparing 2020 with the previous year, the number of students from Lithuanian and foreign educational institutions who have completed an internship at INPP has significantly decreased due to the unfavorable epidemic situation of COVID-19. In 2019, 11 students completed their internship, and in 2020 - only 3. A total of 14 students completed their internship at INPP during 2019 - 2020.

In cooperation with educational institutions of the Republic of Lithuania, INPP publishes job and internship advertisements in the career management information system "KARJERA.LT" and on the platform "WANTed". The Enterprise’s job advertisements are sent to the career centers of other educational institutions of the Republic of Lithuania: VTVPMC, ZUM, UK, VIKO, VTDK, VU. Representatives of the company had the opportunity to communicate with potential students at the study fair organized by Litexpo in February 2020, and such initiatives were later transferred to the virtual space. Although participation in the virtual exhibition “Career Days 2020: Know Your Future Self!” did not bring any tangible benefits, we hope that the Enterprise has been noticed as a potential employer. We are proud of the personal initiatives of our employees, such as the participation of the Head of the Radiation Safety Subdivision Nikolajus Lebedevičius in the XVII Science Festival "Spacecraft Earth 2020" where he gave the lecture "Generation and Management of Radioactive Materials at the NPP". We believe that direct contact with young people is a useful activity in presenting career opportunities.

The analysis of the need for young professionals in the Enterprise is performed annually – the need is estimated in each division of the Enterprise. After analyzing the initial data of the Enterprise’s need for young professionals in 2021 - 2025 submitted by the divisions, it was determined that in 2021 this need includes up to 49 young professionals with higher technical, physical, life or engineering education and workers with secondary education. All the results of the analysis are presented in the report of the need for young specialists at INPP in 2021-2025. In 2021, to meet the need for employees and ensure smooth turnover, measures will be developed to promote the career development and attraction of young professionals.

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