Concerning the postponement of the event

28 October,
Concerning the postponement of the event

Due to the situation in Lithuania related to COVID-19, the management of INPP and Visaginas Municipality made a decision to move the public presentation of the planned economic activity “Dismantling and Decontamination of INPP Unit 2 Reactor R1 and R2 Work Zone Equipment (Project 2102)”.

Based on the recommendations received, the event is live online and will be organized with the help of Microsoft Teams.

Date and time of the event: 6th of November, 16:00.

To register for the event, it is necessary to provide the INPP representatives with your contact details and e-mail address.

Decommissioning Project Program Manager

Project manager

Sergej Zagarskij

Project Support Division

Senior Engineer

Oleg Medvedev

Phone: (+370 386) 28254

Fax: (+370 386) 24387


Phone: (+370 386) 28137

Fax: (+370 386) 24387


We would also like to remind you that the Environmental Impact Assessment Report is available on the INPP website (in Lithuanian).