Cooperation agreement between INPP and the Lithuanian Geological Survey has been updated

04 October,
Cooperation agreement between INPP and the Lithuanian Geological Survey has been updated

On 29 September, the State Enterprise Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant (hereinafter - INPP) and the Lithuanian Geological Survey under the Ministry of the Environment (hereinafter - LGS) signed an additional agreement to the already existing cooperation agreement on the implementation of the Deep Geological Repository (hereinafter - DGR) project in 2021-2030.

In an additional agreement, considering the progress of the DGR project, planned and already completed works, INPP and LGS approved the updated "Deep Geological Repository Project Implementation Plan 2021-2030". The main changes are the updated list of activities and accordingly adjusted deadlines for these tasks, as well as redistribution of funding for the expected tasks.

"These changes are a great proof that we can be flexible, react to changes, adjust work and plans depending on the situation. I think the importance of these qualities has become particularly evident looking at the trends of the last few years. When it comes to long-term projects, it is extremely important not only to have a vision of the future, but also to maintain close contact with cooperating institutions, to inform and consult with them about future processes, to respond to changes together and to reach a common agreement. The renewal of the cooperation agreement shows that we, as the executors of this project, closely follow the progress of the project and maintain close contact with our partners and use them as comrades in the implementation of our goals, which only helps to achieve even better results", said INPP Director General Audrius Kamienas.

Continuous cooperation with LGS is a necessary condition for the successful implementation of the INPP’s DGR project, bearing in mind the unique experience and expertise of the Lithuanian Geological Survey in the field of geology. As part of the cooperation agreement, LGS has already contributed to the development of the main geological selection criteria for potential DGR sites. In the future, during the entire agreement, LGS will also provide INPP with necessary consultations in the field of geology and perform other planned works.

The activities of the initial conceptual planning stage of the DGR planned for 2021-2030 are financed by the Lithuanian state budget and the Norwegian Financial Mechanism (project “Safety Enhancement of Ignalina NPP Radioactive Waste Management”).

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