Dismantling of Steam Drum Separators new Project launched at INPP

03 March,
Dismantling of Steam Drum Separators new Project launched at INPP

On the 2nd March 2022, INPP have successfully hosted a virtual workshop for the launch of a new project ‘Dismantling of Steam Drum Separators’ attracting a strong International response of more than 80 attendees representing 36 different companies from 13 different countries.

The ‘Dismantling of the Steam Drum Separators’ is an essential project to the ongoing decommissioning activities at INPP and is scheduled to start in late 2022 and complete in 2029, funded under the Ignalina International Decommissioning Support Fund (IIDSF) administered by the EBRD.

The virtual workshop enabled INPP to provide technical presentations on the scope of the new ‘Steam Drum Separator Dismantling Project’, including animations and video film of real-life industrial conditions, radiological information including explanation of INPP radiation protection and safety measures, as well as recent health physics survey data of radiation and contamination levels associated with the project scope. Finally, an EBRD presentation explained the procurement and tendering steps required for the Steam Drum Separator Dismantling project which will be based on an Open Tender – 2 Stages. Use the following link for the presentation provided during the workshop: https://www.iae.lt/en/news/presentations/145 

A Questions and Answer (Q&A) session concluded the virtual workshop and enabled the attendees to ask INPP questions in respect of this new project and any questions post the virtual workshop can still be submitted to INPP Project Manager Jurij Shapoval, email: Shapoval@iae.lt up until the close of business Wednesday 9th March 2022. INPP will respond to any questions received by this date and publish the answers on its website.