Equipment and concrete dismantled in 2020

06 January,
Equipment and concrete dismantled in 2020

In 2020, over 4 thousand tons (4,212 tons) of equipment and 3.5 thousand tons (3,579 tons) of concrete waste were dismantled at the State Enterprise Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant (hereinafter – SE INPP). Over 7 thousand tons (7,411 tons) of radioactive waste has been treated, removed from the territory of SE INPP as non-radioactive waste, and now can be sold at auctions.

During the entire decommissioning period of INPP from 2010 almost 64 thousand tons (63,957 tons) of equipment and concrete waste were dismantled. 108 thousand tons (108 009 tons) of equipment remained to be dismantled until the end of decommissioning in 2038.

In 2020, large-scale dismantling of the turbine hall of Unit 2 was carried out and 97% of the turbine hall equipment was dismantled. Most of the dismantled equipment, which has passed the radionuclide contamination check, is sold at auctions as scrap metal. The rest of the dismantled equipment is temporarily stored on the Enterprise's premises until it is transported to the final storage facility.

Dismantling and decontamination works are performed according to the established schedule by INPP personnel. The works are financed by Ignalina International Decommissioning Support Fund (IIDSF) and Ignalina Program.

Demolition of disused buildings was also carried out at INPP. In 2020, 11 structures were demolished in the INPP territory, 3 of which are classified as special structures, 7 as non-special and 1 as non-complex. It is planned to demolish 11 more disused buildings in 2021.