Financial support to Ignalina NPP

21 July,
Financial support to Ignalina NPP

On July 21, the EU agreed on an economic recovery fund and a new budget. The budget for the decommissioning project of the SE Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant (INPP) has allocated 490 mln Eur of EU assistance in the financial perspective 2021 - 2027.

This ensures that major nuclear power plant decommissioning and radioactive waste management infrastructure projects will proceed as planned within the framework of this financial perspective.

However, in the light of the funding provided for in the next multiannual financial perspective, the deadlines for some decommissioning projects may be revised, as these projects will continue beyond 2027. "According to the currently updated INPP final decommissioning plan, the main INPP reactor decommissioning works will be carried out at the junction of two financial perspectives in 2027-2028, therefore it is necessary to make every effort to secure the necessary funding in the future," said INPP Director General Audrius Kamienas.

According to him, in the future, negotiations with EU member states will continue to be actively pursued to continue sufficient funding for the main decommissioning work, since one of the most important projects - the dismantling of reactor zones is an ongoing process, during which particularly serious materials will be affected. Therefore, it is very important to properly manage the process from the point of view of technological and nuclear safety and ensure sufficient funding to complete the work begun.

The main task - the completion of decommissioning works by 2038 does not change. Lithuania's contribution to the decommissioning process will not be increased and will remain at the level of 14 percent. This is exactly what Lithuania sought in these negotiations.

The main works at INPP are carried out according to the established plans and schedules: unloading of spent nuclear fuel from units and other decommissioning works is successfully carried out, equipment dismantling works are being continued and radioactive waste management infrastructure is being installed. The period of responsible work awaits INPP, as Lithuania is the first country in the world that is preparing for the dismantling of the RBMK type reactor, its equipment and related systems after unloading fuel. The goal of INPP is not only to implement decommissioning in a timely, safe and efficient manner, but also to gain experience that would allow the company to compete at the international level and participate in international decommissioning projects.