INPP earned 1.5 million euros

16 January,
INPP earned 1.5 million euros

In 2019, SE  Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant (INPP) earned an additional 1.5 million euros from the sale of unnecessary property and from other commercial activities.

In order to sell unnecessary property, 46 auctions were organized. Over 2.2 thousand tons of various metals were sold at auctions, which made it possible to earn an additional 600 thousand euros, and about 400 thousand euros were received from sales of other property.

Equipment or property unnecessary to the enterprise that was accumulated during the implementation of decommissioning and dismantling projects was sold at auctions. Since 2010, more than 56 thousand tons of unnecessary equipment have been dismantled, most of which, after being checked for contamination with radionuclides, was sold at auctions. Such sales not only provide additional revenue to the enterprise, but also help reduce the amount of waste to be disposed of and transported to storage facilities.

In addition to the sale of metal and other property at auctions at the Ignalina NPP, income was also generated from other commercial activities, such as rental of premises, rail transportation services, organization of excursions, compressed air supply, investment activities, etc. In 2019, INPP during another commercial activities additionally received nearly 500 thousand euros.

Additional earned funds will be used to finance ongoing decommissioning activities.


Radiological Data

2020 - 02 - 25  16:44
10.63 mkR/val
0.7 C
3.0 m/s
976.5 hPa
97.0 %