INPP hosted a Supplier Day in the field of information technologies

24 January,
INPP hosted a Supplier Day in the field of information technologies

On January 22, a Supplier day event took place at Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant (INPP), that was dedicated to INPP planned procurement in the field of information technologies.

The event was attended by representatives of 7 companies, who were presented with the planned INPP work in the field of information technologies and their problems. The current needs of INPP in the field of information technologies and planned procurement in 2020 were also discussed.

Participants were familiarized with the INPP procurement order and procedures, specific requirements for qualifications, that are wisely applied at the nuclear facility, and issues that suppliers may encounter while participating in INPP procurement.

The INPP representatives also presented the recommendations of the State Procurement Service for successful participation in public procurement, discussed the main procurement conditions that suppliers should pay attention to when preparing tenders and related documents at different stages of procurement. INPP specialists emphasized the frequent mistakes made by suppliers, and how to avoid various problems in future tenders.

The meeting with the participants of the information technology market at the INPP was useful for assessing the capabilities of suppliers to participate in both planned events for 2020 procurements, as well as in potential procurement activities for 2021-2022.

After the meeting with the specialists, the participants visited the INPP information center, where they got acquainted with the history of the power plant, operating principles and current activities, inspected the model of the INPP unit, fuel assembly, and the virtual reality headset, where they learned about the process of managing spent nuclear fuel.

Organizing Supplier days is a good practice to inform potential suppliers about upcoming purchases and to encourage more participants to take part in INPP procurements. INPP plans to continue organizing public procurement activities in other areas of the enterprise.

Radiological Data

2020 - 02 - 25  17:54
10.33 mkR/val
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4.0 m/s
975.5 hPa
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