INPP shares information on possible attempts to evade international sanctions

27 March,
INPP shares information on possible attempts to evade international sanctions

We inform that on 15 November 2012, the Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant ("INPP", "the Enterprise") contacted the Financial Crimes Investigation Service ("FCIS") in connection with indications of a possible criminal offence by the then head of the subcontractor UAB (Ltd.) "Baltic radiation control" and other responsible persons of the Enterprise in connection with the circumvention of international sanctions against the Russian Federation.

Using a complex set of measures and internal control procedures to ensure the proper implementation of the international sanctions binding on the Republic of Lithuania, as referred to in the Law on International Sanctions of the Republic of Lithuania and the restrictive measures imposed by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania, the Enterprise found that UAB (Ltd.) "Baltic radiation control" knowingly provided false answers and false declarations and attempted to violate the values protected by the state and the European Union (hereinafter - EU).

On 27 March this year, the enterprise, in cooperation with the FCIS, submitted documents and other necessary information to the ongoing pre-trial investigation to help establish all relevant circumstances.

The enterprise is responsible for complying with the requirements of Lithuanian and EU legislation, as well as the requirements of sanctions and the interpretations of the competent authorities, and ensuring the control and implementation of restrictive measures in the field of its activities.

"At the INPP, we have the highest standards of transparency and zero tolerance for the risk of violating international sanctions and circumventing restrictive measures. Therefore, we take appropriate measures and cooperate with all state institutions," commented L. Baužys, CEO of the INPP.

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