Meeting with FinNuclear

24 February,
Meeting with FinNuclear

On the 24th of February, Ignalina NPP hosted meeting with the representatives of leading Finnish companies pursuing their activities in the sphere of decommissioning (members of FinNuclear association). In the course of the discussion participants exchanged valuable experience in the sphere of decommissioning, both planning (3D modelling, 360 shooting) and physical execution of dismantling and decontamination (filtering units, laser cleaning) aimed at the facilitation and increase in the efficiency of decommissioning processes.

As a part of the meeting anticipated plans and further steps for cooperation in the area of dECOmm project were discussed.

Members of FinNuclear association were presented with the Ignalina NPP infrastructure and experts services currently available at the Plant as well as future perspectives.

Radiological Data

2020 - 04 - 05  03:04
9.65 mkR/val
-2.2 C
3.2 m/s
1007.7 hPa
93.0 %