Power Resources Saving Programme allowed to reach economy

08 February,
Power Resources Saving Programme allowed to reach economy

The Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant (INPP), implemented the measures provided in Power Resources Saving Programme in 2018 and reduced the consumption of power resources (electricity and heat) and saved over 500 thousand euro. Compared to 2017, the annual electricity consumption decreased by 7.7% last year, the consumption of heat energy decreased by 0.7%

Significant savings in consumption of power resources have been achieved despite the fact that dismantling process is intensifying every year at INPP units - spent nuclear fuel unloading works are underway, new radioactive waste management and storage facilities are in operation.

One of the measures to reduce electricity consumption in 2017 was the modification of compressed air system with new compressor plant installed at the end of 2017. This made it possible to save about 300 thousand euro in 2018. The optimization of indoor heating and ventilation systems has resulted further savings of 226 thousand euro.

'One of the strategic objectives of INPP is the rational use of resources and financial support, so we are constantly reviewing costs and make every effort to reduce the cost of our business despite the increasing amount of work. Modification of compressed air system with installation of new compressor plant let us save nearly 300 thousand euro in 2018. This investment will pay off in less than a year and a half,' said Director general of the enterprise Audrius Kamienas.

The power resources expenses are basically financed from the funds of the Ignalina Programme of the European Union (70%), the enterprise’s own funds (22%) and the INPP decommissioning support fund (8%).

The INPP implements a unique decommissioning project, within which constantly faces the new challenges and tasks that do not have analogues in the world practice. The enterprise's nature of activity changed on 31 December 2009, when the 2nd power unit was shut down.The main objective of the INPP is to properly and safely decommission, manage, store and dispose of radioactive waste in an efficient and consistent manner, and to use rationally and efficiently the INPP decommissioning funds.

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