Transboundary discussion with the Latvian public

05 February,
Transboundary discussion with the Latvian public

On 5th February, during the transboundary environmental impact assessment procedures of the planned economic activity (project of dismantling and decontamination of A-2 and V-2 units, hereinafter - the Project), a public discussion and bilateral consultations between Lithuania and Latvia took place online.

In accordance with the provisions of the Espoo Convention and the Law on Environmental Impact Assessment of Proposed Economic Activities of the Republic of Lithuania, the organizers of the planned economic activities - INPP, institutions of the Republic of Lithuania and the Republic of Latvia, the public and experts must participate in such consultations.

The purpose of the public discussion of the Project and bilateral consultations is to present the planned works of the project "Dismantling and decontamination of A-2 and V-2 units" and the INPP decommissioning activities in general as well as to answer all possible questions.

During the public discussion, INPP specialists presented the transboundary environmental impact assessment of the planned economic activity under the project “Dismantling and Decontamination of Unit A-2 and V-2 Units”, answered questions from Latvian state institutions and society about state and INPP environmental radiological monitoring and measures aimed at controlling waste flows, ensuring that radioactive waste is properly managed in the territory of the Republic of Lithuania.

According to the performed environmental impact assessment, no significant impact on the environment of both Lithuania and neighboring countries is expected - these assessment results were also approved by the responsible institutions of the Republic of Lithuania. INPP, considering the request of the neighboring country and fostering friendly neighborly relations, satisfied Latvia's request to present the results of the assessment to the interested public and answer the questions of concern.

Project activities will include dismantling of INPP Unit 2 reactor main equipment and auxiliary systems, primary treatment of dismantling waste. In the middle of 2022, it is planned to complete the preparation of documents on the dismantling and decontamination of INPP A-2 and V-2 units and to coordinate them with the regulatory authorities of the Republic of Lithuania. The decommissioning of equipment and the primary treatment of decommissioning waste are planned to be completed in 2029. Over 10,000 tons of equipment will be dismantled during the planned activities. Following the decommissioning of the reactors, which is planned to be completed in 2035, it is planned to dismantle the remaining systems and equipment that were operated during the decommissioning of the reactors.

The experience gained during the implementation of previous INPP decommissioning and decontamination projects, as well as the skills and experience of other nuclear power plants where similar activities have been or are currently carried out will be used in the preparation of the Project documents and works. Equipment dismantling and decontamination works will be carried out in accordance with modern ecological requirements, using the latest technologies, IAEA principles of radioactive waste management and current good practice in the countries of the European Union.

During the meeting, it was emphasized that the planned works will not have any significant radiological impact on the environment, public health, or socio-economic components of the neighboring countries. During the meeting, representatives of state institutions and the public of the Republic of Latvia were interested in how INPP ensures informing the population about the activities carried out, planned decommissioning of reactors, and results of radiological monitoring by taking air, precipitation, soil, vegetation, and water samples.

Representatives of both countries acknowledged that bilateral consultations are necessary to properly inform both the Latvian public and country's experts about the INPP activities.

Representatives of the neighboring country thanked the Lithuanian side for organizing the consultations and informed that Latvia is actively involved in the monitoring of INPP decommissioning processes and is interested in the possible impact of these processes on the health of the population. Representatives of Lithuania assured that they would continue to inform the public and institutions of the neighboring country about other important projects. 

The project of dismantling and decontamination of A-2 and V-2 units is financed by the Ignalina Program.