Pre-announcement of planned procurements

06 November,
Pre-announcement of planned procurements

SE Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant (INPP) is planning to launch two procurements: „Engineering Services Associated with Dismantling of Ignalina NPP Reactor Cores“ and „Support to Ignalina NPP in the fields of project/contract management and technical appraisal“.

The purpose of these procurements is to contribute to the main decommissioning objective of dismantling Unit 1 and Unit 2, in particular the reactor core denoted as "Zone R3".

In order to raise awareness of planned procurements, to attract as many potential suppliers as possible to participate in the planned procurements and to provide all potential suppliers with the same detailed information about future procurements, INPP has prepared and made public a pre-announcement notice:

NOTE: potentianl bidders are welcome to submit comments and questions until 6 December, 2019 by e-mail

Dismantling of two of the world's most powerful RBMK reactors is a decommissioning project with no analogues in the world. The dismantling of Unit 1 is expected to start in 2027 and Unit 2 in 2029.

Publicizing information on planned reactor dismantling activities is an effective means of attracting the best experts and the most experienced multinational companies to implement this project. One-day seminars „Reactor Core Dismantling“ were organized four times in 2018. The workshops attracted interest from foreign companies, making it a great opportunity to present the expectations and foreseeable challenges of the INPP reactor dismantling project, and to evaluate the technical and financial aspects of the project.

Seminars were attended by representatives of 46 companies from Spain, France, Great Britain, Ukraine, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Russia, Japan, Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania, as well as by representatives of the European Commission, Ministry of Energy, Central Project Management Agency, State Nuclear Power Safety Inspectorate (VATESI), INPP.The material of these seminars is available on the INPP website

The material on reactors core dismantling project R3 will be available on INPP site