Reactor control and protection system

The reactor control and protection system (CPS) ensured the reactor startup, automatically maintained the set power level, ensured that radial and axial distribution of power in the core were even, compensated for fuel burnup, and ensured the reactor protection in case of emergencies. The CPS employed very reliable equipment with integrated circuits to receive and process signals from different sensors as well as to inform the operator about the reactor condition. The reactor power and its distribution were promptly controlled by 211 boron carbide rods in the CPS channels. The rods were cooled by water from an autonomous loop. 40 rods were used for the axial control of energy emission, and 24 rods were used for fast emergency shutdown. In case of an emergency, the emergency rods were inserted in the core in 2.5 seconds. The remining rods were unified and were used for emergency protection, automatic maintaining of reactor power within the set limits, and radial control of energy emission.